The Community of Saint John Paul II

Our Plan of Life Centered on Jesus Christ

(Recommended Spiritual Acts)


Morning Offering

Prayer for Vocations


Scriptural/Gospel Reading & Reflection (10 min)

Spiritual Reading (15 min)

Holy Mass

Divine Mercy Chaplet or Way of the Cross or a brief reflection on Christ’s Passion @ 3PM

Nightly Spiritual Review of Day & Resolutions

Meditation on a teaching, words or prayer of St. John Paul II


Eucharistic Hour

Sunday Holy Mass (Required)

CJPII Prayer & Study Group

Charitable and merciful acts:

care for the poor, visit the sick and lonely, give comfort to those who suffer or mourn, help the weak, be kind to all and  those who are not, counsel the confused and the youth, guide those who are lost, help those in trouble, defend life and the faith, aide the young and old, respect authority, love your family and neighbor, do good to all, pray for the living and the dead, pray for peace, promote justice, speak the truth and honor God in all your works.


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Fatima - 1st Saturday Devotion to Mary: Rosary, Mass, Confession (recommended at Good Shepherd or a Marian Shrine such as Schoenstatt (22800 SW 187th Ave, Miami, FL 33170)