The Community of Saint John Paul II

Reading List
Future readings will be taken from the following documents and other writings from St. John Paul II and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

English translation

"The Redeemer of Man"
On Jesus' Redemption of the world; the central importance of the human person; the Pope's plan of governance
4 March 1979


“On Human Life”

"Rich in Mercy"
By Pope Paul VI, Subtitled On the Regulation of Birth, it re-affirmed the orthodox teaching of the Catholic Church regarding married love, responsible parenthood, and the rejection of artificial contraception.

On God's mercy given to the Church and the world
25 July 1968


30 November 1980
"On Human Work"

On the 90th anniversary of Pope Leo XIII's encyclical Rerum novarum; the conflict of labour and capital, and the rights of workers
14 September 1981
"The Apostles of the Slavs"
In commemoration of Saints Cyril and Methodius
2 June 1985
"The Lord and Giver of Life"
On the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church and the world
18 May 1986

Redemptoris Mater 

"Mother of the Redeemer"

“Letter to Artists”

On the Blessed Virgin Mary in the life of the pilgrim Church
In honor of artists, image of God the Creator and who search for new  epiphanies of beauty
25 March 1987

4 April 1999
"On Social Concerns"
On the 20th anniversary of Pope Paul VI's encyclical Populorum progressio; on the social concerns and teachings of the Church
30 December 1987
"Mission of the Redeemer"
On the permanent validity of the Church's missionary mandate
7 December 1990
"The Hundredth Year"
On the 100th anniversary of Rerum novarum; on capital and labour; and on Catholic social teaching
1 May 1991
"The Splendor of Truth"
On fundamental questions of the Church's moral teaching
6 August 1993
"The Gospel of Life"
On the value and inviolability of human life
25 March 1995
"That They May Be One"
On commitment to ecumenism
25 May 1995
"Faith and Reason"
On the relationship between faith and reason; condemning both atheism and faith unsupported by reason; affirming the place of reason and philosophy in religion
14 September 1998
"The Church of the Eucharist"
On the Eucharist in its relationship to the Church
17 April 2003

Other important writings such as: Rosarium Virginis Mariae, Familiaris Consortio, Mulieris Dignitatem, Salvifici Doloris, Dies Domini, etc.